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New innovative technology

Hylite LED Lotus Lamp

There hasn’t been a feasible or a reliable LED Retrofit Solution for High Power PAR Can Lights, since the HyLite LED Lotus PAR Retrofit Solution.

Whether you need a Spotlight or a Wide Flood to light up the Stage, Theater or Area, the Lotus LED Lamp has the right Solution for you.

CADENCE Occupancy Sensors, both wireless and wired, are stylish, versatile and easy to install.  Cadence incorporates the latest sensor technology for installed benefit.

Deco Mesh

Bluetooth technology integrates with lighting solutions to deliver advanced, large-scale building management capabilities.

Cree Cadient Dynamic Lighting Experience

Cree Lighting’s Cadiant™ Dynamic Lighting Experience brings the outdoors in, recreating the sensation of being under a natural sky for an interior lighting experience that’s as smart as it is visually stunning. This inventive technology uses advanced lighting control and color-changing technology to simulate the actual dawn-to-dusk, east-to-west movement of the sun. In addition to personal programming options, the Cadiant™ Dynamic Skylight comes with research-driven profiles to help people create a connection to the natural rhythm of the day.